Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:15:00   Faculty Senate
  1. Purpose: The Faculty Senate provides open discussion among its members on matters of concern to the College/student body/faculty and ensures open communication among faculty members and between the faculty and the administration. The objectives of the Faculty Senate are to:
    1. Serve as a vehicle for ascertaining faculty attitudes and expressions and for dissemination of these attitudes and expressions to the administration.
    2. Maintain through the president of the senate and the senate’s Executive Committee a direct line of communication to the administration.
    3. Provide faculty input for the planning and implementation of college programs and facilities.
    4. Promote better communication between faculty and administration, between faculty and other faculty, and between faculty and students. 
  2. Membership: The membership shall be made up of full-time teaching faculty and staff members who hold academic rank. The Executive Committee and the Senate representatives are elected by the faculty.  Part-time faculty members, also called adjunct faculty, may elect a representative to attend faculty senate meetings.  This will be a non-voting member.

The committee chair shall post a meeting summary on the campus bulletin board and post minutes/actions/plans on the Campus Drive, Committees Folder.

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