Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:24:00   Health and Safety Committee
  1. Purpose: The Health and Safety Committee receives and evaluates ideas from college employees and students about health and safety concerns/programs and makes recommendations to the president concerning these issues; evaluates institutional services and accommodations with respect to the needs of individuals with disabilities; maintains comprehensive health and safety programs and evaluates/audits college facilities and practices for program compliance; serves as a liaison with local, state, and federal health and safety regulatory agencies and monitors the College’s compliance with appropriate regulations; and develops and maintains information on health and safety which can be used as an educational resource for the College.  
  2. Membership
    1. Assistant Vice President for Multi-Campus Programs
    2. College Nurse
    3. Director of Auxiliary Services and Sustainability
    4. Director of the Center for Students with Disabilities
    5. Director of Health Services, Chair
    6. Director of Plant Operations, Maintenance, and Safety 
    7. Director of Student Support ProgramsFaculty (8) – Selected for long-term service through coordinated agreement by the Director of Plant Operations, Maintenance, and Safety, the Chief of Police, the Academic Deans, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs
      1. Faculty (1): From the Advanced Technologies Division
      2. Faculty (1): From the Behavioral and Social Sciences Division
      3. Faculty (1): From the Business Technologies Division
      4. Faculty (1): From the Health Professions Division
      5. Faculty (1): From the Humanities Division
      6. Faculty (1): From the Mathematics Division
      7. Faculty (1): From the Science Division

The committee chair shall post a meeting summary on the Campus Drive, Committees Folder.

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