Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6: College Committees & Advisory Councils

06:40:00   Student Activity Fee Committee

Purpose. Northeast State Community College shall collect a student activity fee from each student, per semester. Fees help support student activities, including, but not limited to, cultural and performing arts, institutional student honors, student health services and graduation. Through this process, funds collected from the activity fee shall be used to: 

  1. Increase the amount of student programming
  2. Assist student organizations by providing funding for operational budgets and programming needs
  3. Supplement the College budget so as to increase an organization's ability to deliver services to students. 

Annual requests for funding from student organizations or student programs are due to the Director of Leadership Programs by April 30. Requestors shall utilize a Request for Student Activity Fee Allocation form when submitting funding requests. 

Activity Fee Committee.The Student Activity Fee Committee monitors student activity fees, develops procedures for and approves the disbursement of funds and reviews requests for funds from student organizations and student groups. The committee shall be comprised of the following positions: 

  1. Chair of Cultural Activities Committee
  2. Director of Campus Activities, non-voting 
  3. Representatives from Academic Affairs (4): Designated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs as follows: (1) Academic Dean, (2) Faculty, and (1) Distance Education
  4. Student (1): Designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs
  5. Vice President for Student Affairs, Chair

The committee shall meet no less than one time per year and schedule budget hearings, as needed, if student groups or organizations request additional funding.

Please refer to TBR Guideline B-060 and NeSCC Policy 3:04:00 for additional information.

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