Policies and Procedures Manual

Chapter 2: Academics

02:12:00   Field Trips

Faculty members desiring to take students on field trips must plan well in advance and coordinate the planning with the academic dean. All field trips must be approved at least one week in advance of the planned trip. A travel authorization must be completed and submitted through the academic dean to the vice president for Academic Affairs. College transportation may be used for field trips when approval is secured in advance.

A list of students who will accompany the faculty member and times that the students will be away from campus must be included with the travel authorization when submitted for approval. In order to have participating students excused from their other classes, a memo should be sent to the vice president for Academic Affairs listing the students' names, dates, and times of absence and the course and section numbers of the class taking the trip. This memo should also include the names of the instructors of the classes the students will be missing in order for notification to be sent to the affected instructors.

Students on such authorized trips must not be the objects of reprisal from other faculty for the classes they miss and will be permitted to make up work missed while they were away from campus.

Field trips should not be scheduled for the first or last week of the semester. Field trips for more than two instructional days generally will not be approved.

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Divisional Review Responsibilities Checklist: Academic Affairs

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